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2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

We would like to declare that this event will make a donation to the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1, 2024.
The organizers will set aside 30 yen for each person who votes and donate the entire amount.
The URL below is the donation destination.

2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Fund (Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture) | Japanese Red Cross Society

Hatsu-basho and Haru-basho will also be held to support the above-mentioned donations.
* There is no charge to vote.

11-Mar, 2024 ... At Haru-basho, 169 people x 30 yen = 5,070 yen was donated. >> Image
15-Jan, 2024 ... At Hatsu-basho, 168 people x 30 yen = 5,040 yen was donated. >> Image