Paper Oyakata Game



I. Main Rule

You are a virtual Oyakata. Pick 10 Maegashira rikishi.
You will get the points those 10 will be scoring.

In the entry form you see 10 slots. The rikishi entered in the top slot is your 10-pointer.
The second slot will get 9 per win.
The third, 8 per win, ... and the bottom one is your 1-pointer.

If your 10 pointer wins, you'll get 10 points. If he loses, 0 points.
The same is true for all others - they will score points according to the slot assigned to them if they win, but not if they lose.

The player who gets the most points wins the game.

II. Bonus

When your rikishi gets kinboshi - the score will be tripled.
Ginboshi, doubled. ( ex. If your 10 pointer gets a kinboshi, you'll get 30 points )
If all your 10 rikishi win on one day - you'll get extra 20 points.
If 9 of your rikishi win on one day - you will get extra 10 points.
All your 10 rikishi LOSE - extra 20 points.

III. Kyujo

If any of your rikishi goes kyujo, the rikishi will be removed
from your team the next day After the fusenpai. Accordingly the rest
of your squad will be moved up, and your substitute will be put in the
bottom slot ( 1 pointer ).

If the withdrawn rikishi comes back during the basho,
he'll be put back to the original slot, and the rest accordingly will
move down again.

If 4 or more of your rikishi go kyujo, your bottom slot
will be left emtpy ( and therefore no points can be scored any
more from that slot ).

IV. Prizes

Champion ( Grand Championship ) - the player who gets the most points
among all divisional Yusho winners ( when tied, the one
with more number of wins wins )

Kakudan-Yusho ( Divisional Championship )- players with the most points
in each division ( Makuuchi, Juryo, Makushita ).

Gin-dawara Prize ( Silver-tawara Prize ) - the player with the most points
among the jun-yusho players of all divisions.
The gamemaster himself calls this prize "Wild Card Prize" ( as in MLB ).

Shukun-sho - the player who scored 9-6 or more AND the highest average
score ( = points divided by the number of wins ).

Kanto-sho - the player who scored 8-7 or more AND with the most number of wins

Gyakuten-sho ( Reverse-Prize ) - the player who scored 8-7 or more
AND who would have the most points when the order of the team is reversed

As for Yokoduna and Ozeki, Shukun-sho or neither Kanto-sho nor Gyakutensho is applied.
Tokudawara-Prize = Booby prize

Ikigomi-sho ( Enthusiasm- prize ...well, so to say ) the player
who has the most catchy "pre-basho comment ( ikigomi )"

Shinjin-sho ( Rookie Prize ) -the newbie player with the most points

Tokubetsu-sho ( Special award ) - the players who performed
impressively but just a little short of any of those prizes above

V. Banzuke

You start this game from the bottom of Makushita.

There's the Paper Oyakata Banzuke decided by formulas designed for this game.

V-1. Special Promotion Rules

No matter where you are now in the banzuke, you'll be promoted to Sanyaku
in the next basho if you win the current tournament Grand Championship.
If you're Sekiwake or Komusubi, you'll be promoted to Ozeki in the next basho.

Following Promotion rules are thus applied
( in the order of priority ):
1. 13-2 or more in Makushita/Juryo -> you'll be promoted to Makuuchi in next basho
2. 12-3 or more in Makushita -> to Juryo
3. Double-digit wins in each 3 consecutive bashos in Juryo or lower division -> to Makuuchi
4. Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi
5. Makushita Yusho with same or more points of Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi
6. Makushita Yusho except #5 -> to Juryo
7. Makuuchi Yusho within 5 points short of Grand Championship-> to Sanyaku
8. Makushita Gin-dawara Prize with same or more points of Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi
9. Juryo/Makushita Gin-dawara Prizes -> Juryo to Makuuchi, Makushita to Juryo.
10.Double-digit wins in each 2 consecutive bashos in Makushita -> to Juryo

Kyujo counts 0-15. 3 consecutive kyujos will remove you from the banzuke.

V-2. Sanyaku Promotion Standard

Maegashira 1-2 -- 9-6 or more required
Maegashira 3-5 -- 10-5 or more
Maegashira 6-8 -- 11-4 or more
Maegashira 9-11 -- 12-3 or more
Maegashira 12-14 -- 13-2 or more

The number of Sanyaku players is not fixed. There could be only one.
"Special Promotion Rules" are applied prior to "Sanyaku Promotion Rules".

V-3. Sanyaku-retaining criteria

MK will demote you from Sekiwake or Komusubi. Ozeki is "Kadoban".

Even if you get KK, buf if you get 8 win,
you'll be demoted from Sekiwake or Komusubi one rank down.

Even if you get KK, you'll be "Kadoban" if you can't be in the top half in Makuuchi.
(Your status is Ozeki )

V-4. Ozeki Promotion Rules

These rules apply only to Komusubi and Sekiwake.
You are promoted to Ozeki if you attain either of:

A. 14 wins or more at Komusubi
B. 13 wins or more, get Makuuchi-Yusho or get Gin-dawara-sho at Sekiwake.
C. Sanyakuhood in 3 or more bashos 31 wins in recent 3 successive bashos.
D. Sanyakuhood in 2 bashos including 32 wins in recent 3 successive bashos.
  If you have only 2 successive Sanyaku basho, your scores have to be all double-digit.
E. Sanyakuhood in 2 bashos including 33 wins in recent 3 successive bashos. ( without Case D )
F. Sanyakuhood in 1 basho including 34 wins in recent 3 successive bashos.
*. For #C,D,E,F KK in each 3 basho is required.
G. For #C,D,E,F required 9 wins or more at Sekiwake,10 wins or more at Komusubi recent 1 basho.
H. 12 wins without Kadoban, 10 or 11 wins with Kabodan at Ozeki-Demote ( Sekiwake ) Basho.
If your score in the previous basho can't meet either of the Sanyaku-retaining criteria above, you are not qualified for the promotion.

V-5. Yokozuna Promotion

These rules apply only to Ozeki.
You're promoted to Yokozuna when you achieve either of:

1. 2 successive Sogo-Yusho, or Makuuchi Yusho.
2. 24 or more wins as Ozeki in the recent 2 bashos.

V-6. Retaining Ozeki rank

1. Below 8 demote standard victories. The demoete point is -1 point,
It is 0 points more than 10 victories.

2. You're to give up the Ozekihood if you have -2 points as Ozeki,
or if you can't meet the Sanyaku-retaining criteria.

3. You'll be demoted to Sekiwake if you haven't achieved a double-digit
KK in one year, unless you have won 6 KK's.

4. You'll be promoted back to Ozeki if you win 10 or more wins in the
next basho after demotion, but demote point is -1 point.

V-7. Retaining Yokozuna rank

1. You're demoted down to the bottom of Makuuchi if you haven't
achieved a double-digit KK in one year, unless you have won 6 KK's.